Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Complaints Department

1. I hate vacuuming, even when it improves the efficiency with which my desk fan circulates air. The noise is worse than accumulated dust, far as I'm concerned.
2. The German word for "fountain pen" is F├╝llerfeder. O.o (Addendum: It's been brought to my attention that the word is indeed as above; so then, a fullerfederhalter must be some sort of fountain pen holder.)
3. Visconti's sepia ink makes me think of hot fudge; it gets worse when it's been used to write on that creamy Moleskine paper. *sigh*
4. I hate hot weather. It's gone from 45 to 91 in two days, and I like it not.
5. It's never a good idea to put gelignite in your underwear before you go jogging--no, I can't say I've ever done so, but it just doesn't seem like a good idea to me. At. All.
6. Why aren't candy thermometers more accurate?
7. The turtle walked today with all four legs.
8. I hate stinkbugs and wish they would all go away.
9. I seem to have developed Second Sock Syndrome, which makes the likelihood of my finishing the second Lakeside sock fall to practically nill. However, since I feel I can't start the Owl Socks until I finish the second Lakeside sock, it would seem the Owl Socks will never, ever, ever be knitted.
10. I'm out of library books.

Okay... so they're not really all complaints.


Rachael said...

1. Ita.

2. How very interesting...

3. Mmmm... Hot fudge... *sigh* indeed... ;D

4. I hear you. I just wish it would stay pleasantly cool a little longer.

5. No, I would think not. LOL!

6. Idk, but they really should be.

7. YAY!

8. Me too. Did I ever tell you that apparently they're a delicacy in Mexico?

9. I think I saw something on Ravelry about a group to help people with Second Sock Syndrome. I can't remember what it was though...

10. That is very unfortunate.

La Duchesse said...

Gah.. I think I'll be squeamish and xenophobic and say "ICK! Gross!" about the stinkbugs.. lol

Rachael said...

Yeah, right there with you! I can't remember how I found that out, but it was sometime last year... some article or something about the migrant workers from Mexico picking them off plants in the field... and well... you know... Ick!

Word verification: "restrus"

I think it's Latin. ;D