Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bad BP! Bad! Bad!

I'm saddened and angered by recent events caused by the laxity of a certain oil company. They're irresponsible and shortsighted, and should be ashamed of themselves. According to a number of news sources, the oil has now begun to reach as far as Key West, Florida; the ecological ramifications are horrendous. 

I will no longer buy gas from British Petroleum stations and encourage you to do likewise. Boycott BP!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fire Night

It feels like forever since I last posted anything here. Things have been dreadfully hectic since I've taken a post with the Umbrella Corporation--I jokingly refer to my erstwhile employer in this way and sometimes catch myself about to tell people that I work for that organization when the usual stupid "What are you doing now?" question comes up. My InfernalNet buddies already know this joke, though, and the punchline--of course--is that I kill zombies for a living. Fortunately, however, my duties as a low-ranking zombie slayer don't take up all my time, so I'm still able to do things like knit (whee!) and spin (hoo-hah!) and read.
I finally finished the Whirlpool socks, so that's one less WIP to wrestle with. For some reason, the toes of socks feel like they take an age; I feel the same way about sweater sleeves: You knit and knit and knit, and after all that time and effort, you've got.. half an inch. I have two pairs of socks in progress, but one of them requires circular needles because there's so much moving of stitches back and forth now that I've reached the gusset; late last night, I started a pair of these using the Pagewood Farms sock yarn I got from Ellen a few months ago. So far I've only been able to finish the toe of the first sock and do the first six rows of the foot, but I anticipate a relatively swift victory if I can manage to knit while I'm sleeping or working. Alas, I still have the Forest Path to finish, and right now I just don't feel like fighting the intricacies of entrelac and lace.
I missed the first day of Maryland Sheep and Wool Fest. I also missed the local Morris Dancers' troupe and most of the May Day festivities. I will, however, still wish everyone a gloriously happy Beltaine and hope you get up to some mischief. ;-)