Friday, October 19, 2007

Buttonish Business

Just 'cause I felt like being geeky for a good cause. And, yes, I will be knitting at least one scarf for these guys. Expect a pattern at some point. Not sure whether it'll be before or after that Evil Ambition sweater, or even if it'll be at the same time, but it will happen. Oooh.. the Evil Ambition Sweater.. that sounds like an interesting name for it. Now I just have to finish up those Nordic Lights socks, which will probably be on hold until I get my needles from KnitPicks. Maybe I should consider getting some nifty yarn while I'm at it.

Oh. And happy almost-Samhain.


Norma said...

Those are great buttons! Unfortunately, Red Scarf 2008 is for all intents and purposes over. (the deadline was October 15, 2007) I'd love to have you think of us next year and make up some buttons for Red Scarf 2009, though -- assuming that the Orphan Foundation carries it forward, which I think they will.

La Duchesse said...

Fixed. Early, but that doesn't matter, does it? :P