Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yoga and cats

I adore cats. I really do. Camille is such a helpful little dear: she bites my yarn when I'm knitting, she wakes me up in the morning by sticking her head under the pillow and yowling if I don't get up in what she considers a timely fashion, she fangs my bookmarks, and now she's started assisting me during my daily half hour of yoga. Her help thus far has consisted of rubbing against my arms and legs while I'm doing various positions, and waving her tail under my nose to make me sneeze; of course she purrs all the while and acts like this is the best possible way to lend assistance. I can't find the cartoon, but there's a lovely (and hysterically funny) drawing of a ballerina doing a yoga pose while a Siamese cat paws at the dangling ribbons from her toeshoes. I don't even know who the artist is, but he/she does a wonderful job of capturing the essence of cats and how their minds work.
I may have taken on more than I can handle when I decided to host a swap on the Pen Fetish Crafters group on Ravelry. So far only three people have signed up, and a few more have expressed interest, but I just thought of something important: Bottled ink is fine for an endless variety of fountain pens, but cartridges are pretty specific. It would totally suck if someone sent her swap victim cartridges that didn't fit a specific pen, 'cause then they'd either have to buy a pen to fit the cartridges--not necessarily a bad thing, provided it's not a Visconti or something--or not be able to use them. Oops. I guess I still have some bugs to iron out. This is my first attempt at organizing anything like this, and so far it's going pretty well barring that one blooper.


teabird said...

You are doing fine! Don't worry. Everyone fumbles a bit on the first swap - but everyone also ends up having fun and making new friends!


Rachael said...

LOL! @ your cat. My goodness, aren't kitties ever so helpful! I love them so. We just got a treadmill, and our little fuzzy ones have decided that the walking belt is their new favorite napping spot.

Emily said...

Have you read any of Jen Lancaster's books? Her newest one, Such a Pretty Fat, has a section about her dogs "helping" her with her attempts at yoga. It's hilarious!

La Duchesse said...

No, but I'll certainly try to find them! :D