Thursday, May 8, 2008


Just got a phone call from Obama's hard-working campaign folks. It went something like this:
*Phone rings*
Mom: Who's calling at this hour? Probably some campaign office.
Me: It's a 304 area code. *answers phone* Hello?
Man On Phone (hereafter referred to as MOP): Good evening. I'm calling on behalf of Senator Obama's campaign...
Me: Ahhh!
MOP: *nervous laugh* We're just calling to remind you of the upcoming Democratic Primary and to ask if you'll be supporting the senator.
Me: We're supporting whoever's a Democrat.
MOP: *pause and another nervous laugh* I see. We're trying to get some information for the polls. May I ask for whom you plan to vote?
Me: We haven't really decided yet.
MOP: *some more laughter* Thank you for talking to me. Have a nice evening.
Me: Thank you. *hangs up phone*

I don't know what these people are so giggly about... really.. O.O And this gives me a perfect excuse to post this, with tongue firmly in cheek.


Rachael said...

*dies laughing* I love that. I really do!

Something just occurred to me... You're the same age as Dean Winchester, almost to the day. He was born January 24, 1979. That is so cool. *is a geek*

La Duchesse said...

Didja know there are bumper stickers saying similar? I've been seriously tempted to get one.

*gasp!* Ah-hah! No wonder he's so stubborn. Wait.. he's over the line to be a goat.. right? O.O
There's nothin' wrong with geekiness.

Rachael said...

You so should! LOL!

Yeah, he's an Aquarius... something he talks about in a very memorable scene in season two. You *must* see it!!!