Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Reading List

I've always regretted that I didn't go to what I jokingly call a "real school". Rachael, you went to a real school; be glad! :P Thinking back, which I blame on Drew because he sent me the link to this, I realize that, even though I went to school in a poor state, they really did try to introduce us to things that might have been the last gasp of an almost-Classical education. In 7th grade, we read Homer's Odyssey. In 9th grade, I got into an argument over certain points about it with my honors history teacher; that was also the year I read Caesar's The Gallic War for a book report in the same class. When I got to high school, we read Sophocles' nice depressing Antigone, and then later, possibly Oedipus Rex. Independently, I read a little Petronius, to wit, The Satyricon. In college, because of my choices of electives and my choice to , study what Shepherd calls "Traditional History", I was able to read Euripides, Hesiod, Ovid, and Virgil , all in translation. Later, rather than selling the books back to the campus bookstore, I kept them.
Anyway, now that Drew's sent me the above link, I intend to go prowling through the library during my next trip to get books, and these will be (hopefully) on my list of Must-Reads:
  1. Reread Caesar's The Gallic War
  2. Anything I can find by Catullus
  3. Anything I can find by Cicero
  4. Anything I can find by Sappho
  5. Plato's The Republic

This will be mixed with Susan Cooper and a few.. um.. lighter things. I wish I could read these in the original language, because I feel something is lost in translation, but since I didn't go to a real school... you get the idea.


teabird said...

I feel so ignorant - the only titles I've read from your list are Antigone, The Odyssey,Oedipus, and Sappho. My education has been so focussed on Victorian and early 20th-century writers that I've completely missed the classics!

ElvaUndine said...

Real school is overrated. :)

Rachael said...

Awesome!!! Yes, do read The Gallic Wars. I enjoyed it, even while I was translating it, so already translated it must be fun. Also, Catullus = love. :D I also really enjoy Petronius. I think that's his name. Don't have time just this second to double check...