Saturday, August 16, 2008

New England, Day 5

6:59 AM- On the road home. Not awake. Need coffee.
7:30- Stopped for breakfast in Wells, ME at a place called Congdon's Donuts. Had pancakes and really was speechless, they were so good. Had a big cup of coffee and am now semi-awake.
9:00- Now in Massachussetts. Overcast and a little misty. Heading south on 445 until we find Rt. 2, then we'll start heading west. Need more coffee.
1:15 PM- Crossed back into NY. Stopped to get gas and let dad take over the driving.
1:45- About to get back on the Taconic Parkway. Just went through another heavy rainstorm.
3:46- Crossed the state line into PA and got on I-81 South.
4:30- Stopped to get food and took the wrong exit. After much swearing and grumbling, got back on 81 and finally found the correct exit. Spent an hour at Perkins listening to a pair of elderly women who didn't have a single nice thing to say about anyone; they went on and on about this person joining the Catholic church and what a scandal it was, and someone else who was going to die without leaving anything to his or her relatives, which was also a scandal. Dad sat facing the woman who did most of the talking and said he was sure he'd seen two of her in just about every town he's ever been in. I asked if he thought she'd been cloned or was a government issue robot. When we finally got ready to leave, I stopped to compliment her on her jacket and discovered that, yes, she probably is a clone or a government issue robot, complete with ill-fitting dentures, beehive hair-do, and enormous spectacles. Once we got out the door, dad said, "You just wanted to see what she looked like, didn't you!"
7:45- Still on I-81 South. Just about threw a tantrum because I got stuck driving behind a truck hauling a giant container of radioactive something, and I had to drive about 80 mph to get around and past it. Dad insisted that I probably didn't get any more radiation from the container than I do from having my cellphone in my pocket. I spluttered and made evil faces at him.
8:30- Pulled off in the direction of Greencastle to let dad drive. We're about an hour from home and my eyes are going googly from staring at the road.
9:35- Pulled into the driveway and staggered out long enough to collect my bags, get into the house, and regale mom with a few tales of my travels.
11:30- *snore*

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theyarnwhisperer said...

that makes me tired just reading it.