Thursday, August 14, 2008

New England, Day 3

8:30 AM- Back on the road after eating leftover Chinese food for breakfast; on the way to Conway for a scenic rail ride. After that, it's on to Maine.
10:30- Hopped abourd the Conway Scenic Railroad for an hour-long ride through scenic Conway and surrounding scenic countryside. The engineer's commentary was punctuated by blasts from the horn; this caused a number of the younger passengers to exclaim "Toot, toot!". This later turned into Screaming Child Syndrome.
11:30- Back in the parking lot at the depot. Dad is out taking pictures while I write this and watch people lining up for the 5-hour ride up into the mountains. Just heard a hearty "All aboard!" from the conductor, so it looks like they're taking off, as we'll be, I hope, very soon.
12:01 PM- (Dad's note) ME state line.
2:00- Portland. Big. Confusing. Need food!
2:19- On the way to Brunswick. Blue heron flew over the highway.
6:00- After some backtracking and a lot of grumbling, we're in Belfast. Tomorrow we're heading on to Stonington to visit Chuck, dad's old Peace Corps(e) coordinator. Booked in at the Yankee Clipper, which is in Belfast. Nice, quiet, with a view of the inlet.
7:30- Went to dinner at The Maine Dish. Menu was almost entirely fish--haddock three different ways, shrimp, scallops, and very expensive lobster--with a little steak and chicken. I had scallops and a baked potato; dad had haddock and rice pilaf. So, finally, I get to do my fish and blueberry pie.
Went for a walk and got all wet between the dew and the mist, but it was worth the view of the inlet.
9:00- Back to the Yankee Clipper to watch a little tellie before sleep.
9:15- *snore*

Note: The Maine accent I remember from years and years ago is disappearing. Hardly anyone I've talked to in shops or on the street has it anymore. :(

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