Friday, July 4, 2008

Stormy Weather

Today was one of those days where I just wanted to stay home and hide under a pillow. The weather is about to change, so I have headaches which make me lethargic and grouchy; whenever there are changes in air pressure either before or after storms, I get headaches. It's sort of like having your own built-in barrometer, but the downside is that headaches are a b!tch even with painkillers. No, I am not about to have a psychic episode. Promise. Ahem.
Anyway, I've been sitting on Season 2 of Supernatural and sort of nibbling away at it very slowly. Just today, after a long interval, I watched Disc 3. And was surprised. The loose end from Disc 1 does indeed pop up again, but not at all in the way I thought might happen. Gordon is a naughty, naughty boy....! I had to laugh over the way the Brothers Winchester handled him, though. No.. don't tell me. I'm sure he'll reappear eventually and have an even bigger ax to grind.
I've never been fond of dolls. Not even when I was a little girl was I fond of dolls. So "Playthings" totally creeped me out for that very reason. Not that the dolls actually did anything but sit there and stare, but that was quite enough for me, thank you. There's just something about those staring eyes and the placid appearance, especially in dolls from the Victorian and Edwardian eras, that makes me uncomfortable. Ick.
Still plenty more to get through, though, and I plan to take my time.
The new issue of Knitters magazine was in the mail today. As a general rule I don't usually pay much attention to Spring and Summer issues of knitting magazines. After all, why in the world would I want to knit tanktops or skirts? Those just aren't... me. When I took the magazine out of the plastic wrap, I was completely prepared to be unimpressed, particularly because most of the projects contained therein were exactly what I expected: tanktops, skirts, and a revolting plaid cardigan. Plaid...? Ick. Fine for kilts and boxers, but NOT, in my opinion, for a summer cardigan. The issue redeemed itself in three ways, however, by containing an article on the architecture of socks. Yes. ARCHITECTURE. Written by Cat Bordhi. The article was followed by a sock pattern using some techniques I'm not well versed in, like knitting on two circular needles. I'm a DPN devotee, but I like challenges, which makes it likely this will end up on my list of "Things I Want To Try".
There was also a feature on lace shawls and how they're born. This contained several schematic diagrams and patterns done in diagram format. If I can read cross-stitch patterns, I should be able to read these, especially since the author was kind enough to include a key. We'll see. These are mostly trapezoidal shawls, which adds another dimension to the learning process. I haven't done any lace stuff yet, so this will definitely go on my list, especially since I have a bunch of Mmmmmmmmalabrigo laceweight yarn to fool with. On the other hand, I don't know that I want to make horrible mistakes and end up ruining my lovely Malabrigo...
The final redeeming feature was a rather nice pattern for a cardigan, and no, it wasn't plaid. It was purple. A lovely, dark, almost eggplant purple with long sleeves, and a little bit of lacework around the hem and sleeves. AND, better still, the yarn suggested was worsted weight, which will make it fairly quick to knit... unlike the fingering weight Evil Ambition with which I am still struggling. I refuse to start any new projects until I finish the Johnny Jump-Up socks and the Evil Ambition. At this rate, it might well be next year by the time that happens...
Hmmm.. by the time next year rolls around, I'll probably have more episodes of Supernatural to catch up with. Nice how these things work themselves out, isn't it?


Rachael said...

Oh, awesome! I glanced at Knitters today at the bookstore, but I missed these two things you mentioned. I'll have to take another look the next time I'm near one.

LOL! You'll certainly have more Supernatural episodes to catch up on! Season 3 is in stores/online in late-Aug or early-Sept.

Croatoan, Hunted and Playthings are three of my all-time favorite episodes (although, that's a total lie because I'll say that about most episodes when they come up). All reveal very interesting things about Sam, in particular, and I like how each of them leads into the next quite seamlessly. Gordon is indeed a naughty, naughty boy, and haha!-Sam's an evil genius. And I like Ava too. The dolls in Playthings are very creepy, yes. Even so, I love that episode to pieces! Old butler man, a child-ghost, all kinds of creepiness, the return of the hoodoo magic, determined!Dean and determined-but-also-drunk!Sam. LOL! And that episode was when people really started asking the question, "Okay, what is it that Kripke has against little girls and dolls?" (since he'd already made them look extra-special creepy in Provenence in Season 1)

I hope you start to feel better soon, sweetie! *hugs*

La Duchesse said...

Slooooooowly! Maybe by the time Season 3 comes out I'll be all the way through Season 2.

If he has some phobia about or grudge against dolls, I don't blame him. :P They just... scare me. I'm so glad he didn't go the "The butler did it" route. :P
Yes! I remember "Provenance" and the doll with the little girl's hair. That was pretty creepy, too!

Rachael said...

LOL! Well, good. Although, of course, sadly, it will be another year for season 4.

Yeah, I hear you. I have a porcelain doll collection, but still found it so very creepy... Kripke's never admitted to any kind of phobia though, though I think he has been asked in interviews. If I remember correctly, he's always hedged it when he answered. Just like with the clown episode. *shudders to think of it*

Yeah, I remember when I watched it the first time it aired, and I thought, oh, please, don't let it be the butler, and it wasn't. Kripke's so smart... LOL!