Monday, July 14, 2008

Dog Update

She's home now, and it took her almost an hour before she felt able to lie down at all. Until she did lie down, she stumbled around and stood on very wobbly, trembly legs, and panted. I told her she should lie down before her legs gave way, but she didn't listen... of course. We hoped she'd choose to lie on something soft like the oriental rug in the living room. Dog's important, after all, and stuff like oriental rugs matter little when the dog's comfort is at issue. She chose, however, to lie down on the bamboo mat in the foyer. I would have thought a soft surface might be more comfortable, but I guess she disagrees.
She still hasn't drunk any water, even though I chased her around with the water bowl and pleaded with her to drink; she hasn't eaten anything yet, either. I can only assume that she'll go to her bowl when she's good and ready; now that she's actually lying down, she may be disinclined to get back up and tug at her wounds.
I know she's pretty exhausted, exhausted by fear at unfamiliar surroundings and people poking and prodding her, and exhausted by the trauma of being drugged, operated on, and then put in another unfamiliar place to wait for the effects of the anesthesia to wear off. When I went to fetch her, she had a little difficulty getting into the car because she was still a little groggy; I hope she doesn't decide to attempt the stairs, which could well prove dangerous in her wobbly state.
I'm upstairs now, and she's still down in the foyer. I think it's better to just let her rest undisturbed for a little while, though I told her the phone is in the pantry and she's welcome to send for pizza if she feels it's needed. I also asked her if she wanted a special pillow for her tummy, but she declined.


theyarnwhisperer said...

poor doggy. I hope she gets to feeling better soon. Maybe the bamboo mat was cooler to lay on. I know in my perimenopausal state I'll seek out the cool spot to lay down (either that or stick my head in the freezer).

Rachael said...

Oh goodness! I hope she's doing better now.

La Duchesse said...

She's doing much, much better. I'm no longer worried that her zippers will pop if she exerts herself. :) She's eating and drinking with good appetite, has begun barking at people walking to the park and the deer who bound through the yard with mouthfuls of vegetables.