Sunday, July 13, 2008

Defeat and Pizza

When the pattern says you're supposed to have a certain number of stitches, unless you're a really experienced knitter, it definitely helps to pay attention. I hit a major snag with the Laminaria tonight and frogged about a week's worth of work. I intend to start from scratch and be more attentive to details, and hopefully succeed by using what I learned from the first attempt. I'm sad, though, because while I was frogging, I ended up with an enormous tangle and had to trash some of my lovely yarn. Sad, sad, sad!
The upshot of the day, though, was that I watched cooking shows on PBS--it happens to be a week between rounds of pledge drives--and I have to say that Chris Kimball rocks my culinary world. He and the guys at the test kitchen are totally awesome and I worship the ground they walk on and hang on every word out of their mouths... and today's episode shows why.
In a word: Pizza. Not just any pizza, but the mother of all home-made pizza. Deep dish pan pizza. I've made pizza before, the dough for which usually ends up rising in the bread machine; the pizza resulting from this dough almost always gets a tough, crunchy crust. Edible? Yes. Enjoyable? Not really. I won't post the recipe here since it's on the ATK website, but I'll post pictures of pizza to titillate the people who recently suffered a truly awful day and needed pizza. Granted, pixilated pizza isn't the right thing when you've had a crappy day, but everyone needs pizza porn once in a while.

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Rachael said...

OMG! I want pizza so badly right now!!! *drools*