Saturday, June 21, 2008


I remember seeing this about fifteen years ago on the PBS series "Long Ago and Far Away", hosted by the venerable James Earl Jones. Fifteen years. Damn, I feel old... but I sure don't regret having grown up on a steady diet of PBS, back before PBS sold out to people who will remain nameless. You know who you are and I hope you feel guilty for wrecking something wonderful.
Over the past week I've been plundering the depths of Netflix and watching a bunch of stuff I remember from my childhood (vaguely remember, sometimes) and teenage years. I squealed gleefully when I saw they had listings for "SeaQuest DSV"--I remember sitting in a rocking chair and watching it with my algebra book perched on my lap and looseleaf paper fluttering around me--and "Gimme A Break". The latter, while being a sitcom, chose to tackle relevent social issues in a humorous context. Plundering YouTube also turned up a few episodes of "Long Ago and Far Away". One of my favorites was the story of Svatohor; another was "The Talking Parcel" in which a parrot sings a song about mooncarrot pie. "Rarg", however, is in a class by itself.
Enjoy and have a happy Solstice.

P.S. If the embed doesn't work, try going here.

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