Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cookie Modster

Thunderstorms today. This is the wettest summer we've had for quite a while, though the downside is that things in the garden might actually start to rot from too much water. Because there's little to do outside during a raging thunderstorm, I opted to stay in, stay dry, and bake cookies. Double death by chocolate cookies. Yup.
Between switching cookie sheets, I've been working on the tabi. This pair fits perfectly, but I'm still trying to figure out which method of binding off is the best to use for toe-ups. Michelle suggested something that sounds similar to the regular knitted bind-off but, instead of just going on to the next stitch, you slip the looped stitch back to the left needle, knit it again, and then slip PSSO. I think. I'm not sure I understood it. There's also a sewn bind-off in the EZ "Knitting Without Tears"; this one was recommended by the Up With Toes group on Ravelry. Since the regular knitted bind-off didn't work for me, I definitely need to try something else. And I need to figure out which one to try since the leg of the first sock is preogressing apace!
The turtle is doing fine and eating like a little piglet. His favorite snack is strawberry pieces, though I've now expanded the menu to include cherries, and turnip and mustard greens. So far I haven't offered him any greens, but I saw some at the store this morning and bought him a few leaves to see if he might feel inclined to eat them. He will not, I think, be getting any cookies! I have my own weird system for making cookies. Instead of creaming the butter with the sugar, I mix all the dry ingredients, beat the eggs with the vanilla, and melt the butter in a separate bowl; THEN I add the butter to the dry stuff when it's cooled enough that the eggs won't scramble--ick.. scrambled eggs in cookies would totally stink!--before I put in the eggs. It's sort of a reverse of the way a professional would do it; it works fine for ME, but go ahead and use whatever method works for you.

Double Death-By-Chocolate Cookies:
2.75 cups flour
.25 cups cocoa
1 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
1.5 tsp baking soda
2 eggs
1 cup unsalted butter
2 tsp vanilla
about 4 tbsp chocolate soy milk to adjust the consistency
6 to 8 oz dark chocolate chips (or milk.. or whatever type you fancy)

Preheat oven to 350 and make sure there's a rack in the middle position. Plop (technical term.. really.. I promise!) heaping tablespoonfuls of dough onto a baking sheet and bake for 8 to 9 minutes. These guys are a little on the soft side and they do spread out a bit, so give 'em some room!


Rachael said...

Awesome cookie recipe!! *is saving for later*

Too bad about all the rain maybe rotting things in the garden. That's the problem we usually have with melons and winter squashes... It's just too wet for them to thrive.

I'm glad the turtle is doing well. It sounds like you're a very good turtle mommy. :D

Not sure at all about what to suggest for a bind-off. I usually just do a regular one unless it needs to be a decorative one like a picot or something for the structure like a three-needle bind-off. I'll be very interested in what you end up doing for it...

theyarnwhisperer said...

Those cookies look damn good! I was just thinking about baking a few to ease my swollen lip woes. Of course, mine would come out of the little Nestle package from the store and not be mixed from scratch.
Between the motrin and some percocet I'm hanging in there. My Noro blossom came today that I've been waiting on to go on my williamsro sweater that I'm knitting so between some drugs and yarn.... I'm as happy as one can get when they resemble that ugly monster looking guy from the movie Goonies.
I love turtles. I need a bumper sticker that reads "I brake for turtles".

theyarnwhisperer said...

Oh..... when you come up with a good bind off, let me know. I'm currently trying to compose a sock pattern that utilizes the trinity knot cable from the Rogue sweater pattern. I'm having to do them toe up to get the cable right so I know I'll be looking for a good bind off when I get to that point. I'm doing them in Lorna's Laces colorway Black Purl. (It makes me think of Captain Jack Sparrow and his ship the Black Pearl. Gotta love me some Depster.)