Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sticky Wicket

Mother's theory about my knack for picking the most complicated things to try in the kitchen was further proven today when I decided to take a stab at making caramel. After looking on the web at recipes on Epicurious and Cook's Country, I decided to take advantage of the cookbooks hiding in the kitchen. The Joy of Cooking, according to mom, is among the more reliable cookbooks currently in publication. I won't post the recipe here since it's not difficult to find a copy of JoC, but I will say that I made one addition: Vietnamese cinnamon to dust the top, and just a tiny pinch added while the caramel was cooking. It hasn't completely cooled yet, but I'm really hoping it won't end up being of the "hard and brittle, and will likely require a trip to the oral surgeon if eaten" variety.
Happy almost Valentine's Day, lion.. you know who you are. ;)


KC said...

Hi there! Sounds like your winter is going well. The carmel and stew sound so yummy! Hope you have finished the other sock. I wore two different hand knit socks the other day under my boots, cause I need to mend the hole in one of them and I can't find the mate to the other! LOL. Just so my feet were warm.
I have been spinning and knitting and blogging about it lately if you would like to check back in. Take care, stay warm, Knittin'Cacher.

La Duchesse said...

The caramel might have benefitted from cooking a little longer, because it gets a little sticky if it gets too warm. It turned out well, though.
The socks are now a complete pair, but I only wear them for sleeping because then the itchies don't bother me. I'll try and post a picture of the finished pair sometime soon. :P