Friday, February 22, 2008

Full of Surprises

So this morning I hied myself to the post office to see what masses of junk mail awaited me. At this time of year, there are a lot of gardening catalogs and catalogs and catalogs. Ahh, but what else was there among all the gardening catalogs and catalogs and catalogs? Three yellow slips indicating that there are three objects of a size that won't fit in the mailbox. Well, says I, that can mean only one thing: Rachael's parcel has arrived! And it was so sweet of her to write "Just consider this a "Happy Birthday" much-belated!".
I wasted no time in trundling home with said parcel, as well as a box from my father. No, I decided, I'll open them after lunch and after I have a cup of tea. By the time I finished my cup of tea and lunch, I was even more agog. I took scissors and cut through the tape... and what have we here?

Well, well, well.. and what else have we here?

I do know this is one of Rachael's favorite TV shows and that she's mentioned using her skills of Latinish to translate the Latinish bits of the rituals and whatnot. Hee! I's so excited. It being that this is Friday and the weather promises to be truly awful this weekend, I intend to make a giant bowl of popcorn and start watching this. :P

Rachael: Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou! I don't know what to say other than thankyouthankyouthankyou. What a wonderful surprise! :-D I'm looking forward to watching these, and I'll try to pace myself. No promises, though, 'cause I might just get so wrapped up in the story that I'll forget to pace myself and be all googly eyed. Thank you tons, dear! Squee! You's a peach.

The box from dad was a reminder that he just spent about a month in Guatemala working to help a coffee co-op get its financial stuff sorted out and see where they could cut costs. From what he told me, the co-op is run by the church and the villagers, some of whom have a couple of acres where they grow coffee, which they pick, sort, roast, and package before exporting it for sale. It being that dad is an economist, he volunteered to help out, and spent a month going over figures and whatnot. He called once to let me know he'd got an allergy to something in the air--possibly volcanic dust and ash--and that he was astonished at how the villagers carry the 60 lb bags of coffee up these steep, almost vertical stepped embankments using a sling-type affair over their foreheads. There are a lot of doctors volunteering in the area, some of whom were from Minnesota, and the chiropractors among them did a lot of tut-tutting over how this method of carrying heavy loads is bad for the spine and neck in the long term. Dad didn't say whether any of them came up with a solution for the problem, though, or what they proposed to do to help the villagers with their misaligned spines. The contents of the box, then, must be Guatemalteco! Dad has contributed another t-shirt for my already vast collection, and this one depicts a scene from the creation cycle "segun el Popol Vuh". I'm not up on Guatemalan cultures or mythology, so I'm not sure who or what this Popol Vuh is; I should probably trot on over to the library to do some research. :P


Rachael said...

*squees with joy* You are so very welcome! I'm so happy you got it! *dances around the living room*

Don't worry too much about pacing yourself. I roped my biological mom, Susan, into watching it. She didn't think she'd like it. But she was instantly hooked! (And well, you can see what she did to her blog [] in reaction... don't read anything she's written - it's probably full of spoilers - but the sidebar and the footer at the bottom will tell you all you need to know. LOL!) And we got through... oh, six episodes in one day and we were done with the whole season after another three days. If you have the time, it's easy to do.

And if you've got bad weather, I have to tell you, there's nothing better than to sit and watch with some tea, munchies and knitting. LOL!

And there is a season two that can be had on DVD too once you're done with the first, if you're craving more, and it's even better than the first one that you have there, imho. But you have to start at the beginning, so I sent the first.

But, if for some reason, once you've seen it, you hate it ('cause I'm sure some people out there do), don't worry. You can tell me. I won't flip out or anything. LOL!

But I do hope you enjoy it!

How very interesting, what your dad is doing! This might be a dumb question, but is the coffee they export from there fair-trade? Because if it is, I'd like to get some...

No clue what Popul Vuh could be. You'll tell us if you find out?

Lyndsey-Jane said...

pace yourself with Supernatural. It's a great show. What Season is it? In the UK we are up to Season 2 on dvd (Season 3 on TV, but not a channel we have) and we are awaiting DVD'd from amazon rental to watch the second part.
(Bagpuss from Ravelry)

La Duchesse said...

Rachael: I *think* the coffee is fair trade, but I'll ask dad and e-mail you with details. I just started watching the pilot and I can say "I LIKE the car". O.O I used to drive a 1975 Chevy Nova which was painted an unfortunate shade of yellow, so I totally dig the muscle car thing. I'm even being good and not knitting while I watch. :P

Lyndsey-Jane: Season One, 'tis. I can't watch them on TV 'cause we don't have cable and we only get PBS and NBC. But from the spoilers and stuff Rachael's posted on her blog, which I seriously suggest you check out if you have a chance, Season 3 just finished up or is about to do so.

Rachael said...

Because of the writers' strike, Supernatural is going to have a slightly trunicated season of 16 or 17 episodes, instead of the usual 22. But not to fear, Kripke says he won't rush the story along and squeeze it in where it would do better with more time to develope. And he won't cut corners for quality just to get more episodes in the can.

Episodes 1 - 12 of season 3 have aired. They are just getting back to writing/filming the rest of season 3... Jensen said that he's due back on set on March 13th to start shooting. So they'll film as many episodes as can be finished before (I think) the end of April, and that will be it for season 3. So we have at least 4, *maybe* 5 more episodes in season 3.

The car is AWESOME! We love the car! It's a 1967 Chevy Impala. Dean calls her his "Baby," the fans call her "the Metallicar." And here's the really yummy thing: he fixes it and keeps it all tuned up himself. YUM! Novas are pretty cool too!

Cool! Let me know about the coffee whenever you find out.

Lyndsey-Jane: Don't check out my blog if you don't want spoilers. I'm really bad of putting them in there without warning, and I can be brutal in my assessment sometimes. I would not want to spoil you or harsh your squee over things you haven't seen yourself yet.

La Duchesse said...

I made it as far as about halfway through Disc 3, at which point I was cowering under my pillow and squealing every time the dog jumped off mom's bed in the next room. O.O I will be keeping a salt shaker under the pillow! :P

Rachael said...

LOL! Yes, that happens... Does that mean you made it to Asylum? That one is the only one that has ever given my 12-year-old little sister, Heather, nightmares. I'll tell you what I told her: Don't worry! If anything that's in the show decides to come after you in real life, Sam and Dean will show up to save you. :D

La Duchesse said...

That would be a sight. LOL
The monster car rumbling up the street, the neighbors peeking out to see what all the commotion is about, the hub-bub resulting when the car gets stuck in our horrendous driveway... :p That would indeed be a sight!

Rachael said...

LOL! You forgot the next part: Sam and Dean come rushing in with their saw-off shotguns loaded with rock salt to kill whatever it is that has beset you in your humble abode. Afterward, you can give them each a beer and help them get the Impala unstuck from your driveway. :D

La Duchesse said...

*wiggles her eyebrows and chuckles like a pantomime villain* That's when chocolate chip cookies dangling from a fishing line... *coughcough* Besides, if they get stuck in the driveway, it's not so far for you to have to travel. :P

Haven't been to the library yet, but sometime in the near future, I hope since I'm running through the pile of fluffy books I got on the last trip. I promise I'll poke around and see if there's anything on Guatemalan anything. I suppose I could cheat and use the mighty powers of the beast that is Google, but I'm still a big fan of print media. :P

Rachael said...

Well, if getting stuck in your driveway doesn't work and they try to get away, Dean can usually be subdued with... well... any kind of finger food, and if a coma needs to be induced huge bacon-cheese bugers, cheese fries and pie... any kind of pie. Dean loves him some pie. :D Oh, and free beer. He never turns down a free beer.

Sam... Sam doesn't eat all that much, but if you've got books on lore that just might keep him occupied until I can get there. LOL!

La Duchesse said...

Um... you mean... my... Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology? I somehow doubt Madame Blavatsky would do much more than put the poor lad to sleep in two pages. Woman is a hard read.
Oooh.. french fries... O.O
Just an odd thought, but if you get a chance to watch Dead Like Me, watch the eating habits of the characters, and see if you notice anything unusual. :P

Rachael said...

Well, he's been known to spend hours with 16th century Grimores, so Madame Blavatsky would probably be light reading for him. LOL!

If I get a chance, I will be sure to note eating habits. Of everyone, or someone in particular?

La Duchesse said...

Everyone, but particularly the women. I won't spoil the surprise. :P

It's interesting how gadgety Dean gets as the season progresses. Starts out with a Sony Walkman and now we're up to a nifty thermal scanner doohickey with lasers. *giggles* Okay.. will now return to my regularly scheduled silly stuff.

Rachael said...

Yeah, Dean is pretty resourceful. *giggles*

Hmm... Now, I'm really interested... Maybe my DVR can tell me when Dead Like Me will be on... *is off to check*

Rachael said...

I forgot to ask... Did you watch the blooper reel and the "Day In the Life..." featurette on disc 6 of season 1? Those are awesomely fun!

La Duchesse said...

Not yet. I spent most of the past two days sleeping 'cause I have a nasty cold. Bleh. But as soon as I'm alert enough to understand what's going on, I certainly will. Bloopers are always good for a giggle or three.