Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dyeing Day

What do you do when you get yarn in the mail, like they yarn, but hate the color? You fix it with whatever means happen to be at hand. I like purple, but I detest pastel colors; this was some pastel purple Cascade 220 Quatro--Raspberry Cream. I love Cascade yarn... and since it was on sale... well, there you have it. This is what it looked like before:
And this is what it looks like now. It's not as electric as the picture makes it seem, but it's a big improvement on that awful pinkish-purple in my opinion. There's enough to make a pair of socks, or a pair of mittens and a hat. I'm in love with the Kittyville hat and may just use some of this to knit myself one. There are blue cats, after all. :P


Rachael said...

Oh!! That blue is so pretty! I loves it! You did a great job!

What did you use to dye it?

La Duchesse said...

Not indigo, unfortunately. Wilton cake dye and vinegar, 'cause Wilton dyes aren't acid like KoolAid. The first time, I didn't put enough vinegar in and the pigment started leaching when I rinsed, so I had to redo it today with three cups of vinegar. It took the second time, though, and there's no pigment coming out. :p Fanks. I'm happy with it.

Rachael said...

It looks awesome!