Monday, November 5, 2007

More Stashie Stuff

The last time I won something, I was in ninth grade. Where I went to school, it was a junior high covering grades seven through nine, and then we went off to the high school for tenth through twelfth. The first day of the school year, they herded us all into the gym and arranged us by birth month, presumably so we could get to know other kids who shared the same month; I didn't know anyone else in my month, so it was quite daunting. Once were were arranged by month, a teacher came by and distributed raffle tickets. Eventually, my number was drawn and I got a box of crayons. I was astonished.
So many thanks to
Kathy for making my day on Halloween. It was a really nice surprise, which arrived in the mail today. I's tickled. :-) Thanks, Kathy.

And, for Rachael, I promise not to gloat because I'm more Capricorn than she is. :P

You are 80% Capricorn

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KC said...

Enjoy your yarn! Let me know what you knit with it!
I am spinning some sock yarn out of tencel and wool and It is turning out cool. Take Care, KC
Kathy aka knittin cacher