Sunday, November 11, 2007

Evil Ambition

The Evil Ambition sweater is progressing well. I just finished the back today, but I realized belatedly that I'd cast on the wrong number of stitches. Oopsie! How do you correct this? Gussets! I'll have to knit two little strips of fabric to correct the miscalculation; these will then be sewn to the sides of the back, and then, when the front is finished, I'll sew the front to the gussets. So far I haven't really made too many mistakes, which is encouraging.
I only screwed up the cable panel once, and that was at a place I didn't even notice until I was already several inches past it, so I decided not to frog it and start over. That, coupled with the fact that the cable panel is off-center by a few stitches probably means I should have frogged it and started over, but I was feeling stubborn... it should turn out okay since it's not that noticeable. This is an experiment, after all, which means it's all a giant learning experience. It's fun, especially since the yarn is so nice to work with.
I'll try to post a picture once the gussets are finished and attached.
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