Thursday, November 1, 2007

Holiday Interweaves

Well, since we only got two trick-or-treaters last night, I was able to sit down and do a more thorough job of looking at the Holiday Gifts issue of Interweave Knits. I'm not much for matching mother-daughter sweaters--I'm not for matching anythings, to be honest--but the snowflake design for the yoke of the ski sweaters was very pretty.
The technical parts of this issue revolve mostly around needle felting and Fair Isle. The former isn't something I pay much attention to since, especially after watching some Turkish felt makers going through the agonizing heave-thump of squashing rolls of wool with their bodies. True, there are no needles involved there, but... you never quite think of felt the same way again.
Most of the projects in this issue are good ideas. There's a teddy bear, and of course there's the ubiquitous Chistmas stocking to be hung by the chimney with care; there are also a few gift ideas that left me with raised eyebrows and a "What the heck is that for?" feeling. Specifically, the boot toppers. Knitted boot toppers. I'll say no more because it'll probably be a more profane version of what I've already said. Still, I suppose such things appeal to some people, otherwise they wouldn't make it into the magazine.
At this time of year, my hands and feet get cold and never really thaw out until the weather becomes warmer; I burn my fingers on mugs of cocoa and wear my Fetching mitts pretty much full time. What could be better than a mug cozy? I like the idea. I really do. And I can see myself knitting some for the folks on my list. And I can see some of the folks on my list raising their eyebrows and saying "What the heck is this for?"
Hats and scarves abound, and there are even a couple pairs of nifty socks, one of which uses a cable pattern very similar to the one I'm using for the Evil Ambition design. It makes a lovely pair of socks, really, and I can SO see them being knit as knee-high socks to wear with my big boots. Without knitted boot toppers.
Now the only problem is finding time to knit all this stuff... grrr. It's never easy when you have a cat on your lap, and the cat is biting and slobbering on your yarn while you're trying to knit. Distractions, distractions, distractions.

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