Saturday, August 25, 2007

State of Cardiness

I've been grumbling about this cardigan for a few weeks now, but I'm getting closer to being finished. At present, I have a bit of sleeve--I said I'd post again once I did the sleeves and finishing-up bits like the neckline and the button bands. I'll just go back and add it to the post that's already up--which I've decided to work in the round rather than flat. But what does one do when one doesn't have double pointed needles in the right size? I've been seeing posts on the sock forum about this thing called The Magic Loop method; it seems like some people (gasp!) prefer it to working with all those double pointed needles, particularly because it eliminates the need for said DPNs by replacing them with a pair of extra-long circular needles.
Okay, I thought. I'll give it a try and see what's so faboo about it. Honestly, like a lot of other aspects of knitting, it boils down to personal preference; I've decided I like double pointed needles better. It does work for socks, according to the folks on the sock forum, so why not a sweater sleeve that's worked in the round? It eliminates the seaming on the underside of the sleeve, but if you've got colorwork on the sleeve, it can make it a bit trickier to deal with because there's a little hiccup at the end of the round. When you're knitting in the round, you're not working in a stack of flat circles; you're working in a spiral, which means that the end of the round is higher than the beginning; that's what causes the hiccup. There's something called the Jogless Jog, which is supposed to correct the little hiccup; I haven't learnt how to do it, though.
In the meantime, I realized I'd been reading the sleeve directions wrong. No wonder the number of stitches didn't seem like it would work out to 120! I finished the seaming on the shoulders and sides the other night--mattress stitch is kind of tricky!--so it shouldn't be too much longer until the whole thing is finished. :-D Yay!
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