Saturday, August 18, 2007

Torrid Love Affairs With Socks

Yesterday, Barb continued to astonish me with her leaps in progress. Right now she's working on the baby-sized sock from Sensational Knitted Socks; it's going extremely well. While she was visiting yesterday, she mentioned that she's been working on the sock during her breaks at work, and that people occasionally stop and stare when they see her hands with their needles bristling in all directions; I laughed and said, "It feels good doesn't it? You could tell them you're having a torrid love affair with your sock." For the rest of the afternoon, we giggled about the idea of torrid love affairs with socks and I decided I'd do a couple of little blog-type icons which are stored here.
While Barb labored away on her little yellow sock, she noticed that something seemed amiss: her sock was suddenly garter stitch, and she had no idea why. I looked at it and suggested that perhaps she'd gotten things turned around and was knitting in the wrong direction. I took pictures of this--at her behest.
"Yellow Sock" doesn't show it very well, but you can sort of see a couple of rows of garter stitch around the top of the sock, before I frogged it for her. I have yet to explain the gentle art of frogging, but... sometimes it just has to be done in order to correct a problem.
"Chagrin" shows Barb--is she laughing really hard or sobbing? It's hard to tell--hiding her face so she can't see the frogging.
"Yellow Sock 2" shows Barb with her sock in hand, knitting merrily away.
"Teacher Sock" is the sock I'm knitting along with her so I can show her what to do at each step while she figures out how to puzzle through the pattern.
Anyway, next week she should be able to do one on her own, and then she said she wants to learn how to do colorwork and cables. A small sweater of some kind, maybe?
THIS is going to be my next sock project: Aren't they pretty?

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