Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Two days ago a large parcel arrived in the mail. Rachael, I can't thank you enough. The wool is gorgeous, and I do like me some corriedale! I've only used it once before and, if memory serves, this should be a lot of fun to spin, too. The green reminds me of the inside of a kiwi fruit(Translation: I like it! I like it!); the blue is one of my favorite shades. You gave me an excuse to wind up the black Lincoln--which I did on Monday evening, so now I have three empty bobbins to play with. The little skein of blue yarn is so soft! And so EVEN!
So, now that I have yummy fiber to play with, I will be busy enjoying the warmth from the woodstove and somehow managing to spin with the cat on my lap. She's been entranced by the way the yarn moves while I'm winding it up, but so far has kept her little paws to herself--I wish I could say she does that when I'm knitting, but I have little kitty claw marks on my hands and leg where she's jabbed me through my jeans while in the throes of a yarn induced kitty fit.

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Rachael said...

You are so very welcome! I'm so glad that the roving has found a good home.

Thank you! I spun that little bit using the predrafting technique suggested by this article at Knitty. I think it really helps with the loft of the finished yarn.

LOL! over your kitty's yarn induced fits. My kitties do the same thing, but the one who is the most tenacious - lucky for me - is declawed in the front, so I don't get scratches from her at least. Oh, the joys of cat ownership!