Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Addendum

And this is how I spent my Halloween. Ate way too much candy, had way too much fun. It's all for a good cause, though. ;)


Rachael said...

LOL! Awesome! Who's the guy with the gas mask? Reminds me of an episode of Doctor Who I just watched...

La Duchesse said...

Yes! "The Empty Child", I'm guessing?

I have no idea. All I remember is that it's a comicbook character, but I can't remember who.

The rest of the people are: (in the back, peeking out with his baseball cap) a much younger and scruffier John McCain, and Dolly Parton. In the front, there's Mr. Gasmask, Indiana Jones, Jason, and a lady wearing a little headband with bats on it.