Saturday, September 13, 2008

Just Say NO!

Last Tuesday was knit-night, and one of the ladies brought wild catnip from her farm. Silly me, I left the baggy in my knitting bag, so now the bag and its contents are strongly scented... catnip scented. See photographic evidence on the left. The little brat even stole yarn from my bag!
Well. For the last three days I've been volunteering--see previous post-- and today I actually got to teach someone else how to do what I've been doing with the turf cutting.
There's been plenty of other stuff going on: people have actually come in and asked to do phonebank (brave souls, they!), and there have been a bunch of equally brave folks out canvassing on foot; that's in addition to the people who are tabulating things and crunching numbers, and the ones who are going to various events around the region. Honestly, I'm perfectly happy to be doing what I'm doing with the turf-cutting doohickey.
Today, the Democratic candidate for the state Supreme Court came in to deliver some signs for people to put in their yards, and the lady who's running for WV Secretary of State also came in for a quick visit. Mr. Ketchum was convinced he'd met me before, but I have no idea where that might have been since I've never had any brushes with the law and I don't move in those circles. Oh, well. Both of them were delightful, though. If being personable were enough to get people elected, they have an excellent chance of making it. ;)
I told the boss I'm staying home tomorrow and will be back on Monday bearing bagels.
"Homemade bagels?" he said.
I should have said, "Is there any other kind?" :P


Rachael said...

LOL! That is so awesome! If I'm able to get done what I need to get done in the next few days, I just might go over to the closest Obama office and see if they can set me up doing some work like you're doing.

Also - homemade bagels, YUM! :D

Oh, that's bad about the cats getting into your bag. In my experience, once they figure out where they can get the yarn, they'll keep coming back for it. Good luck!

La Duchesse said...

Hopefully she'll be deterred by the zipper!

Rachael said...

LOL! Zippers FTW! :D