Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In Which There Are Chickens

I like my boss. He was overheard to remark, "I smell chicken" in reference to a certain announcement today. Shortly afterward, the entire office ground to a halt so we could watch Obama's press conference. Every time that man opens his mouth I find a new reason to respect him.


Rachael said...

Obama is awesome! He must win! I've been following the status of West Virginia in the polls and it looks like McCain still is loosing ground there. Good work, y'all! :D

La Duchesse said...

We're certainly in there fighting. There was talk of the possibility of one of the prinicpals coming to WV, but I'm not sure how close to that we are. It's sort of a Catch 22: They don't feel there's enough support to justify the expense and effort of coming, but if they'd come, they'd definitely get more support to make it worth their while. Frustrating, is!

Rachael said...

*nods* I hear ya... I hope Obama does go to WV, at least on his way through. Surely, they can see that McCain is on increasingly shaky ground, and an appearance by Obama would make it just that much shakier.

And OMG, have you seen the latest electoral map? If you make it so that it shows all the states as either red or blue depending on who's ahead (even slightly) in the polls, then Obama wins with 353! That's not even close for McCain! O.O I'm dancing and praying so hard that this trend continues!