Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Well, who needs two blogs anyway? I don't really, but I've decided it's a good idea to back things up and copy posts from my msnspace. As with the other, this will be a place for me to ruminate on things fibrous and otherwise crafty, as well as grumble about which recent recipes flopped, and whether the cat agrees that yarn is a good thing to collect. It may be that I'll decide I like this format better; we'll see.
At the moment there's very little of moment to report other than that I now have a new book to root through for intarsia designs. It's really supposed to be for cross-stitch, but my guess is that I'll be able to convert the pattern charts and use them for knitting. Expect tons of graph paper to fly to and fro, and lots of yarn to be flung about, too. So, between 1000 Great Knitting Motifs and Charted Folk Designs for Cross-stitch Embroidery I should be pretty well covered. Oh, and there's that Latvian mitten book, too. Hee!

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