Friday, September 7, 2007

Autumn Interweave Knits

This has actually been out for a while, but I found out that the local Hellmart actually has it! Naturally, I snarfed a copy; it has tons of neat stuff in it.

1. There are several articles on color work, cables, and other textures. Even if you're already familiar with the basics, it makes for interesting reading and provides some perspectives.

2. A totally cool article on microknitting. Like.. teenie-tiny little mittens and such that have something like 80 stitches per inch, knitted on medical wire instead of knitting needles. The resulting scale is 1/12 of normal. How cool is that?

3. Since this is the time of year that sweaters start peeking out of people's closets, there are a lot of beautiful patterns, some of which draw on the information presented in the article on color work, like the Fair Isle sweater. There's also swing cardie with an asymmetric buttoned placket. Mom immediately fell in love with it, and then she remembered that I still need to finish her Bluebelle.

My to-do list is going to get really long... again.

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