Thursday, May 10, 2007


This afternoon was nice. Finished the bottom part of the pullover and got together with friends for lunch. It was nice to reconnect with old friends. After lunch we headed to the little ice cream place across the river, then sat out on the grassy hill above the curb to talk about the nature of the beast that is the male of the species and lament our various troubles with the social scene in town, which was periodically punctuated by our excalamations of "What are you gawking at?!" as men drove by and peered at us. After ice cream we went for a long drive in the country and remarked on how nice it was to still be able to see large tracts of undeveloped farmland with lots of trees and mustard plants... and such quiet! No one driving with the bass of the stereo turned up so high it rattles the neighboring cars' windows and mirrors or gives the drivers headaches.
I introduced the idea of the three of us chipping in to buy a hibachi grill and a bag of charcoal, and that way we can get together a couple times a month to grill stuff and engage in grumbles and girl talk over hamburgers and smores. They seem well disposed toward the idea, so we'll see what happens. Yum.. hamburgers. With pickles.
Oh! More yarn arrived today. I found some Lopi yarn on eBay for a good price. Even with shipping it was roughly half of what I would have paid for it if I'd bought it at a shop or from an online purveyor: blue, gray, and light brown heathers which will go to make a pair of fuzzy bed socks and something sweater-ish.

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You write very well.