Monday, July 12, 2010

Allez... SPIN!

Like Hannibal and the intrepid cyclists, I took on the Alps today for the Team Tale Spin challenge. The roving is superwash BFL in Liquid Amber from Artisan Acre; the spindle is my IST Wood Emporium baby in tulipwood and walnut.
The fairy tale I chose was Vasilisa the Beautiful. The story is that of Vasilissa's visit to Baba Yaga; the colors of the roving fit perfectly with the various fiery motifs sprinkled throughout the story... from the fire Vasilissa is sent to fetch, to the second horseman, to the glow of the skull Baba Yaga sends back home with Vasilissa... and the skull's reaction to the wicked stepmother.
As usual, I forgot to use something to show the scale, but you get the idea. ;)


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Meredith said...

Duchesse, that stuff is bleeping gorgeous! If I weren't on a strict fiber and yarn diet, I would be pleading with the vendor to dye some for me! (And the yarn is beautiful, too, just in case you were feeling unappreciated.)