Friday, June 4, 2010

When It Rains, It Pours

Certainly true today. Not only did we have a cloudburst, but the post office had three parcels for me today. I'm so spoiled.. And very lucky.
1. Package No. 1: My Dragonfly Workshop spindle. It's so amazingly nifty it needed a name, so I've dubbed it Florenz after Florenz Ziegfeld. Bloodwood whorl and holly shaft, weighing in at just about 1.5 oz. Mrs. Dragonfly left her test leaders on it and, I kid you not, they're literally fine enough to be used as sewing thread. I can't emphasize this enough: The Dragonfly Workshop is utterly and absolutely awesome. (Florenz is wearing a penny for scale and has a nice little tuft of BFL/silk fluff from Corgi Hill Farm.)
2. Package No. 2: Fiber. From Corgi Hill. I want to wrap myself in it and snuggle. *siiiiiigh* Totally spoiled. Yup. Merino/camel/tussah. *siiiiiiigh* And it makes me think of Rachael's "Modo vernant omnia" because it's green like chrysoprase.
3. And last, but certainly not least, Package No. 3: A book. Emma, I hope you didn't punish your husband too severely for forgetting the package was under the papers on his desk! It arrived safely and I'm planning to start reading it tonight. 
As a slight sidenote, the Folklore and Fairy Tales sisters have mentioned Raymond Feist on several occasions; his novel Faerietale was among the titles they talked about, and much to my annoyance, the library didn't have a copy. One of them (Emma, you're a peach) very kindly offered to send me her very own copy, and here it is after an epic journey from under a pile of papers on a desk in Canada. This is my first attempt at reading Raymond Feist. I totally blame my Fairy Tale sisters for my deliquency at the library... and for the length of my "Books I Must Read" list.

And, on yet another detour, Erin, I hope you and your new husband will be very happy together. Felicitations, congratulations, and many celebratory sparkling-cider-bubbly toasts on the occasion of your nuptials. 

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