Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fire Night

It feels like forever since I last posted anything here. Things have been dreadfully hectic since I've taken a post with the Umbrella Corporation--I jokingly refer to my erstwhile employer in this way and sometimes catch myself about to tell people that I work for that organization when the usual stupid "What are you doing now?" question comes up. My InfernalNet buddies already know this joke, though, and the punchline--of course--is that I kill zombies for a living. Fortunately, however, my duties as a low-ranking zombie slayer don't take up all my time, so I'm still able to do things like knit (whee!) and spin (hoo-hah!) and read.
I finally finished the Whirlpool socks, so that's one less WIP to wrestle with. For some reason, the toes of socks feel like they take an age; I feel the same way about sweater sleeves: You knit and knit and knit, and after all that time and effort, you've got.. half an inch. I have two pairs of socks in progress, but one of them requires circular needles because there's so much moving of stitches back and forth now that I've reached the gusset; late last night, I started a pair of these using the Pagewood Farms sock yarn I got from Ellen a few months ago. So far I've only been able to finish the toe of the first sock and do the first six rows of the foot, but I anticipate a relatively swift victory if I can manage to knit while I'm sleeping or working. Alas, I still have the Forest Path to finish, and right now I just don't feel like fighting the intricacies of entrelac and lace.
I missed the first day of Maryland Sheep and Wool Fest. I also missed the local Morris Dancers' troupe and most of the May Day festivities. I will, however, still wish everyone a gloriously happy Beltaine and hope you get up to some mischief. ;-)


Rachael said...

Happy Beltane (a day late)!

Those are some lovely socks!

I've been meaning to ask you, what's your favorite sock yarn? As you know, I don't have much experience with knitting socks, but since you gave me that book, I've been itching to get into some of those patterns, so... Do you have any recommendations for fingering weight sock yarn?

One of these days, I will get to the MSWF! Don't know when, but one of these days, it will happen...

Theshadowdweller said...

I had socks that i dyed blue....does that count for anything?