Friday, February 19, 2010

Red Hot Pokers

They're not the prettiest flowers, but they work as yarn. It took me about a week to ply all the handspun using the Navajo plying method, and today I dip-dyed it with a mix of KoolAid and Wilton paste. I'm pretty proud of it. Now, assuming it dries in time, and I get my other Ravelympics project finished, this will magically turn into a Pearl-Barred Scallop Scarf. Or, in the very least, a scarflette.. I have no idea how much there is in yardage, but it's roughly 1.8 oz of even rougher fingering-to-heavy-fingering-weight yarn.


Nightgaunt said...

Ooh, pretty. Kinda reminds me of those Chinese Lantern plants, the ones that look really cool but I've been told are insidious spreaders.

La Duchesse said...

Oooh.. Good point! And thank you. :)

Rachael said...

That is lovely!!!

word verification: "actor". It's a real word for once!!! O.O