Sunday, January 3, 2010


I always fail miserably at making resolutions, though last year I think I did manage to do more yoga and eat more fruits and vegetables; the WIPs sure didn't go quite as well as I thought they would, though.
This year, however, I'm still plugging away at the WIPs--all of them are left from last year--and my resolutions stand thus:
1. I resolve to be more vitriolic and vituperative. (tee-hee)
2. I resolve to.. well, this one's private.
3. I resolve to actually FINISH a few projects.
4. I resolve to at least try to be more aggressive about a certain subject which seems to get certain people in a lather because I still haven't succeeded in doing what they feel is the most important thing under the sun. I blame their ethics, not mine, because I'm perfectly happy doing what I'm doing and that's all there is to it. After all, I'm not committing felonies or defrauding the government or behaving like a hoyden, thank you very much. (Was that convoluted enough for you, you unmitigated toads? You know who you are.)

I don't really think I'll succeed in Resolutions 2 or 4, but I'm quite ready to dish out a good dose of vitriolic vituperation. ;)

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