Wednesday, October 7, 2009

All Hail the Great Pumpkin!

This is what I get for following links. The Forum Funnies had a thread about pumpkins and pumpkin-related stuff, and in one of the posts there was a link to what amounts to a fondue served in a pumpkin instead of a fondue thingie. Now, if all my far-flung friends all happened to converge on the house at the right time of year, I would have a complete meal consisting of nothing but pumpkin things.

Appetizer: The pumpkin fondue thingie with appropriate bits of things to dip.
Soup: Pumpkin soup with cream, sherry, and sausage. Annadamma bread, while not made with pumpkin, tastes vaguely pumpkin-y, so that or some sort of brioche.
Main course: Pumpkin lasagne with Italian sausage and mushrooms. And salad.. I'm not sure there would be pumpkin there, but you need salad... right?
Dessert: Pumpkin cheesecake with a molasses-spice cookie crust. And coffee. Have to have coffee.

The whole pumpkin thing is really making me want to make these, which means I would need to either roast my own pumpkin seeds or find a good source for fresh pumpkin seeds.

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Rachael said...

Roasting pumpkin seeds is not hard and those scones look completely delicious! *bookmarking that recipe*

Also, what a fantastic idea, having a lovely party with different pumpkin things! It all sounds so yummy, I want to do it too! Of course, with all those yummy dishes, I'm sure I would need to be rolled out your door when I left! LOL!

"curdosta" - a cheese they make in a particular county in Georgia?