Saturday, May 30, 2009

Les Plushies

I don't know why, but the existence of Cthulhu plushies amuses me no end. Not that I've ever read any H.P. Lovecraft (other than The Dunwich Horror). But... plushie fanny packs? I spent several hours in pursuit of this and ended up laughing until I cried because the idea was so funny. I guess it boils down the fact that Lovecraftians get no respect and provoke fits of hilarity when in their cuddly forms... and rather than getting yet another fountain pen, I find myself seized by the desire to track down an oversized Cthulhu plushie to occupy a spot next to my oversized stuffed dragon. Alternatively, I'll attempt to knit myself an oversized Cthulhu plushie.


teabird said...

I've never read Lovecraft, but the idea of plushies is hilarious!

By the way - the word verification for this comment is
Doesn't that sound like a SF character?

Rachael said...

I kind of love that too, and I haven't read Lovecraft either. I have a friend who did for a "Literature & The Occult" class. She hated him with the burning passion of a thousand suns. (LOL!) She thought he was the worst writer ever and couldn't believe he'd ever been published.

La Duchesse said...

Gah.. Yet another reason for me to lament that I didn't go to a real school. :P That sounds like an awesome class.

Yes. I agree. From what I've heard from other sources, his books are... what's the word? Drek! I'm not really tempted to read them, personally.