Thursday, February 12, 2009

Frustrations Galore

Je suis très frustré. I cast on for Vinnland tonight, and while I'm totally digging the short-row toes and falling in love with the yarn I'm using, I can't seem to get the pattern to line up properly on the third row of the chart. I've ripped back twice, tried to fix it by adding an extra purl stitch, ripped back yet again, consulted the errata, and am now glowering at the chart while gnawing on my fountain pen. If other people have mastered this pattern, then it can't be that difficult, especially after I finished Azure and the token Nordic Lights trophy sock.
I'll say it again: Je suis très frustré.


Linda Moore said...

Starting a new pattern is always both exciting and usually takes me about 3 goes to get the stupid thing to work...good luck!

Rachael said...

*grrrrrr's in sympathy at the pattern* Good luck getting it straightened out.