Wednesday, December 5, 2007

First Fall

It's about 26 degrees and it's snowing--obviously. First snowfall of the year for us, though I hear a few towns in the surrounding area have already gotten their first flurries long before we did. It's definitely a good day to stay in, knit, and drink lots of tea. The wind has finally died down, but it's still a good idea to stay in. The cats are in and the dog refuses to go out; if I succeed in getting her to go out, she rushes back in and goes to stand next to the wood stove until I'm sure she needs to be basted. Smart dog! Motzie is hiding in the liquor cabinet--I wonder if cats get drinking problems--and staying warm. And I just finished the body of Zenia's sweater. Picture forthcoming, as usual. Now just the sleeves and i-cord are left, as well as the band around the front edge and the weaving in of all those little ends. I should finish well before the Dec. 22 deadline. Yay!

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Rachael said...

Oh! Snow! What lovely pictures!!

I'm sorry I've been so incommunicado lately and I'm just now catching up on your blog. Very bad of me...