Friday, July 13, 2007

Fair Isle and Immortality

Bill Moyers is bloody brilliant. He should be immortal.

Okay. Today saw another setback with the knitting, but at the same time, there was progress. My student is making enormous strides with her knitting. She's mastered the basics and is now working on a simple triangular shawl with yarnover increases at the edges; next week I'll get her started on a two needle hat and see how it goes. After that, I'm confident she'll be able to progress on her own--with books and patterns to keep her company, of course.
My own new project came to a crashing halt, though, because Dad just now mailed me the measurements for his cardigan. It took him an entire month to do so, during which time I lost patience and got started without them. The picture in my WIPS list is of the back piece of the cardigan before it was about six inches long and, obviously, before I ripped it all out. Yup. I frogged the whole thing and wound the yarn back up. It was painful to do, but I don't think it would have been easy or comfortable for someone with a 47 inch chest to fit into a sweater that's been knit for a 42 inch chest. So, it got frogged, every blasted stitch.
Chart's attached; feel free to make use of it. Once I finish the cardigan, I'll post the pattern and pictures.

Oh. A semi-funny thing happened at the store this afternoon. This store only has one bathroom now, which is the men's room (with urinal and all that, and no stalls), because the women's bathroom is out of order. I went in and thought I'd locked the door, and just when I got ready to stand up, some guy opens the door and starts to come in. I screamed, he shut the door, and when I left the bathroom, I made a beeline for the opposite end of the store. It was extremely embarrassing. I remarked--jokingly!--later on that it might not have been so bad if he'd been at least a little appealing.

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